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Dear Artists:
Lovin Creations Network Presents Lovin Music Network group. Join Us as we Network and promote all artists from all genres in our fast growing group!! Don’t miss your opportunity to get visibility and Network with other Music Lovers.
Post, Comment, Like and Share your Music Links and Live Videos.
**You are invited to come Showcase, get connected with DJs and Music Producers, Radio Hosts, Promoters and Managers.
You never know whos watching!!

Lovin Music Network Group

Lovin Music Network Video Playlist


Lovin Music Network Video Playlist “Click Play”

Alright Y’all Here is our First Playlist on YouTube!!
Happy 1st Month Anniversary to our Network!!

Press Play and Enjoy! As we Grow and Network Remember that many opportunities will arise, so please stay connected and Share and Like.

No Man Is an island, We all need someone!! Don’t be afraid to make yourself known in this group. Enjoy our playlist!!

Lovin Music Network Playlist

Join LCN’s Lovin Music Network

Welcome to LCN’s Lovin Music Network!! We are growing fast, so take this time to Like, Share and Comment. It’s so important to increase your audience for visibility, DM for Daily Features concideration and 10 shares across the network. We thank you and value each member!! Enjoy and yes all art forms welcomed here.

Music is the foundation y’all!

Click on the link to Join!

LCN Presents Lovin Music Network group on FB

Join our new group for music artists, poets, overall for the arts. Come network, advertise, promote and manage your space to be yourself. All genres welcomed! If you are a visual artist or designer of anykind share your work here as well…Music helps keep us motivated and bring us close to that unity that is long lost with the business. Some artist put their all into their work and we want to give that platform where youcan share your individualism and unique styles.




LCN Graphics Designs

Get your ad or flyer created today for any business or event.  Custom made pics and graphics with creative colors and filters of your choice.  Stand out with style and unique individualism. Logos, cover photos, you name it we got do it! We also can assist you with advertising and promo services as well as social media management. If you need a facebook, IG, or Twitter page we also do build your page and upload your first pics for you. For more info email: khadinebeckford@aol.com put attn: LCNgraphics in the subject line.

LCN graphics by Khadine Beckford

Today is good day in my life, although I been faced with many trials this year. I am proud of what I am proud of my skills acquired by my not only work experience, but my passion is graphic design as I look back at my old graphics compared to what I can do today for my clients I’m in aww of what I can create. My visions have become clearer and as a visual artist it is evident that your vision has to be clear. In an artistic eye, the ability to draw or digitally be able to show the entire picture to a project is evidently key. To getting and audience that will appreciate your artistry. Same with a musician or a poet being able to deliver their entire song or poem with efficiency and percise enphasis on perfection!

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