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Lovin Music Network has it’s own application available now for Android phones. Now you can ketch up with our entire collection of playlists, we drop a playlist per month featuring our selected Loyal Members.
Don’t think you have what it takes? All you need is a love for the music, Underground Artists are dedicated worldwide to share their dreams and talents. To show our love and Appreciation to our members, we are sharing this app today for those who enjoy a non-stop music experience. We take pride in our platform. All LMN are not on the playlists however, we are looking to expand and offer other ways to be showcased in the near future. Click the link to download now LMN Android Application

Screenshot of what you will see once you download.


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Available Now!! LMN Video Playlist #6

This months playlist is one that features our Lovin Music Network Groups favorite videos. We are proud of this list, for not only does it feature international artists; but also has a mix of different styles and genres that make these artists worthy of sharing this platform. Our Loyalty to the culture and the love of the music is what motivates us to encompass this collection of artists.

LMN is a place where creativity and individualism has shown its face. If you are an artist who wishes to have your music videos or Soundcloud featured on this unique platform, please do send your request via email for instructions on how to become a loyal LMN Loyal Member.

Email: khadinebeckford@aol.com

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Calling All Music Artists

Join Lovin Music Network today! Post your videos and ads to increase visibility. We promote and celebrate the arts of music, we are excited of our fast growth and collection of individual underground artist from all over the globe. Our team has a video playlist every month featuring our LMN Loyal Members, so if you are looking for a network to promote your music LMN is the place for you.

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Lovin Music Network Presents Playlist #5 PROMO VIDEO

As we continue to promote and celebrate our loyal members, LMN is proud to share our favorite videos of the month and as we do we wish to congratulate all our artists that take the time to post their music videos and audio tracks. We are honored to bring LMN to you on our many social media platforms. Join, Share and begin to network with artists, producers, DJs, promoters, etc.

Click to watch our Lovin Music Network Playlist#5 PROMO VIDEO

*The Original Video Playlist will be available soon!!.

If you wish to join and become a contributing artist click Lovin Music Network Group.

LMN has a new face


_We have a new model to represent our brand. Don’t forget to follow our progress as we grow our community of music lovers and artists. We are determined to become your go to place for all your Networking and Promoting needs.

LCN graphics is here to assist with your advertising and marketing needs, we promote and enhance your workmanship and visibility across the social networks.

If you are interrsted in being part of our network please do send email to: khadinebeckford@aol.com

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